Helping organisations define and pursue their purpose

Our Approach

Over their histories, large organisations have developed their own assumptions about what the firm and its people are there to do. But, to remain an active part of our increasingly complex and fast changing world, they need to rethink those assumptions, which requires a more holistic understanding of their role in society. We work together with people in organisations to help them ‘unlearn’ the entrenched habits associated with conventional business practice and embrace more meaningful and purposeful ways of doing business.

We approach things differently from the conventional consultancy model of: “This is where you are now – this is where you want to be – our tool will get you there.” Instead we look together at what you are trying to be in the long term and how you can achieve that organically, without external ‘fixes’. We don’t give you the corporate equivalent of the wonder diet or latest fitness fad. Instead we help you look at your world holistically.

The wisdom isn’t just in the latest TED talk or catchy quote on LinkedIn ready to be applied. We don’t have all the answers, nor do we pretend to. Invariably the answers already exist inside the organisation. Sometimes it takes an outsider to ask the right (and occasionally uncomfortable) questions to bring those answers out. We offer an unbiased perspective and independent, external advice to unleash your own potential.

What We Do

We work with people in large organisations on different levels:

  • We identify trends and issues that contribute to the complexity of the environment we operate in and help organisations understand their relevance for them, i.e. how these trends impact them today and what they mean for the future; what role existing organisations play in shaping and responding to these trends and issues and how this understanding can help people find meaning in their jobs.
  • We identify other groups in society (universities, non-for-profits, artists, young people, etc.), who are impacted by the same trends and issues and therefore see the need to collaborate in order to understand and address them collectively.
  • We bring these diverse people together and create space for them to listen to each other, to see interconnections between their worlds, to look at current issues and trends from a variety of angles in order to understand them better, and think about how we can work together to respond to them. We facilitate this dialogue and ensure that it is ongoing.
  • We help people across the company to translate the new holistic worldview into their everyday work life, to continuously reflect on whether their actions are in line with this renewed understanding of the meaning and purpose of their jobs, their function, and their organisation.
  • But our work is not solely about creating the warm glow that comes from answering the big question. We also enable people to take action. We help businesses to make stronger connections between the company’s purpose and the great work that is being done by people within the organisation.